Gene Fisch once had his professional career described by a reporter as a “rags-to-riches” story. A
Polish immigrant, arriving in the United States as a child after surviving, with his family, the worst of
the World War II horrors, Gene went on to apply the best of the old-world traditions of discipline,
integrity and sacrifice to excel, first in athletics, then in government and academia, and finally in the
business world. He graduated with distinction from New York University with a BS in economics and
an M.B.A, having also excelled as a record scorer on the NYU freshman basketball team and
becoming a starting point guard on the nationally ranked NYU team.

His professional career was multi-faceted. In the academic world, he was a lead lecturer on effective
management at the University of Wisconsin, Madison; NYU; Syracuse University;  L S U. New Orleans
University. As an entrepreneur in the private sector, he was CEO and chairman of his own company.
In his formal corporate career, he was an executive with such Fortune 500 corporations as Conalco,
Allusiusse/Phelps Dodge, (senior vice president for marketing, group vice president, and Co-COO);
American Can Company (director of planning and control); and Oneida Ltd. (director of European
marketing). In the public sector, he was the first consumer affairs director for the City of Syracuse
and served in an advisory capacity for President Richard Nixon’s campaign.


The author has dedicated this Polish story to Bronislawa and Andrew Fisch, his parents, who
conducted their lives honorably, resisting oppression, destruction and annihilation while keeping faith
in God, country, home and family. Most important of all, their love of higher ideals sustained them
through a desperate time when Communist and Nazi atrocities were hidden from the world. This
volume’s storyline is based on their story as it unfolded between the German militarism and Soviet
Bolshevik expansionism in the years preceding 1939 and the Soviet occupation of Eastern Poland
from 1939 to 1941. During that time, over four  million  Polish citizens died from deportations, mass
executions, death by starvation, freezing. slave labor, exhaustion.

Later volumes will cover author’s two lives…  a) my family’s struggle  beating the odds in the most
desperate of times,b) applying my parents spirit, mind, and body and aspirations as a refugee ,Dis
[placed Person(DP)worthy of the American ideal

The author’s purpose in writing the book is to recount, through his story and that of his parents and
siblings, those human traits that give meaning to human life. He was born in eastern Poland in the
most unlikely of circumstances—his mother give birth to him in a field at the edge of a forest, bit off
the umbilical cord, and spent the next few weeks trying to keep him alive despite all the odds against
his survival. He brushed up against death on several occasions during his childhood. He asks himself
now why those things happened to him and why he is so lucky to be alive and in the safe haven that
is America. Having been active in Polish causes, he wishes now to inspire younger generations to
learn about their history—their Slavic, Catholic heritage—and he wishes to give expression to the
rich historic ethnic voice in America. With all this in mind, he has also created his GM Sto Lat
Publishing Company.